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Time is very precious to business owners. Therefore, we would like you to prioritize your valuable time to your core business, increasing your sales number and maximizing the shareholders' wealthiness. With knowledgeable and extensively experienced team, we don't let you mind on all corporate (business) income tax matters. To be your partner in all perspectives of your business, besides providing you with T2 income tax returns, we would offer you useful pieces of advice on how to get more deductible expenses to minimize your tax owing,on cash management to have better cash flows, on working capital management (inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable) to minimize operating costs, on internal controls to run your business more efficiently, etc.

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We commit to offering the following business tax services with premium quality:

  • Corporate Income Tax Returns (T2)
  • Business Tax Returns for Self-employed and Sole proprietor (T1)
  • Corporate/Business Income Tax Planning
  • CRA Tax Assistance
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Income Tax Returns:

  • Self-employed: Due on June 15. However, if you have a balance owing, you have to pay it on or before April 30
  • Corporate: Within six months of the end of each tax year (fiscal period)

GST/HST Returns:

  • Monthly/Quarterly: Filling & Payment deadline: One month after the end of the reporting period
  • Annually (Corporate): Filling & Payment deadline: Three months after fiscal year-end
  • Annually (Individual): Filling deadline: June 15. Payment deadline: April 30